Oil of Etherealness

Um óleo que torna o seu utilizador etéreo


This cloudy gray oil smells like rain.

Upon applying this oil to oneself, the user sees all color leech from the surroundings. Billowing fog boils out of thin air, making everything indistinct. The mist seems more real than the faded world.

Effect: Applying this oil takes 10 minutes. You – along with your clothing, armor, weapons, and other equipment — become ethereal for 1 hour.

By default, while the effect persists, you are on the border between the Ethereal Plane and the Material Plane. As an action, you can move from this planar border fully into the Material Plane or deeper into the Ethereal Plane, or you can move from the Material Plane to the planar border again.

While you remain fully on the Material Plane, you are not ethereal. When the effect ends, you return to the Material Plane.


  • The creature exists within the Ethereal Plane. It has a spectral appearance;
  • The creature takes only half damage from non-ethereal sources and deals only half damage to non-ethereal targets. Neither effect applies to force damage;
  • The creature can pass through non-ethereal creatures. It can also pass through solid objects, but it is blinded while doing so and cannot target anything but the object while inside it;

Este frasco de óleo estava dentro de um baú na caverna de Minos, o Minotauro das Cavernas do Caos.

Após terem-no ajudado a livrar-se do Culto do Caos Maligno, Minos deixou os aventureiros ficarem com este óleo e a poção de força como agradecimento.

Actualmente está na posse de Renly.

Oil of Etherealness

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